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Sep 11,2012 | Posted in Kindergarten, Learning Resources, Study Tips, Teaching Games by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

School is now in full swing and many teachers across the nation are implementing the “Friday Spelling Tests”. We all had them many years ago. Do you remember how you studied for them when you were in elementary school? Well, times have changed and we can make learning our spelling words so much more fun! Here are some tips on helping your child master their weekly Spelling words!

Play Spelling Word Bingo! Play the same way the traditional bingo game is played but use the weekly spelling lists.

Play Hangman!  Use your weekly spelling words during a round of hangman.

Memory!  Put all the words on index cards and play a game of matching memory. Once they find a match they can read the word and spell the word with their eyes closed for a bonus point.

Play Word Scramble! Type all the words up in scramble form. Have your child try to unscramble them. You can use a timer and try to beat each other’s time for more advanced fun!

Make Spelling Songs!  Music is great way to remember facts. Spell the words to a common tune such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Your kids will have an easier time remembering these words through songs!

I hope these tips help learning your weekly spelling words easier!

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