Personalized Tutoring for Your Child’s Needs

Team Tutor helps students boost grades and improve overall academic skills. When enrolled in our programs, our students see an increase in self-esteem and confidence and our parents see their child’s motivation soar! Our tutors develop customized tutoring programs based on their student’s strengths, needs, learning style and personality. Our tutors use research-based programs that support the student’s specific academic needs to help your child gain the confidence and skills they need to flourish and succeed in their classroom.

Our tutors take the TEAM APPROACH by communicating consistently with the parent and collaborating with the classroom teacher. Daily tutoring session reports are made available for parents. These reports outline the goals of each session and detail your child’s progress which leads them to academic success.

Tutoring Locations:

Tutoring is offered throughout the entire Philadelphia region. Connect with a tutor in your area to help your child reach academic success.

Partner with a tutor today to reach academic success!


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