FREE Proctored Tests

Strengthening Your Test Taking Skills

Team Tutor offers free proctored practice tests to our clients and students within our communities. Practice proctored tests are offered to give students a true simulated experience for both the SAT and ACT tests.

Why should your child take our practice tests?
1. Reduces Anxiety: It is a fact that taking practice tests helps students reduce test-taking anxiety on the actual test day. The more you practice, the better you perform! This is reason enough to enroll your child in Team Tutor’s practice test.

2. Provides a Baseline Score: The results of our practice tests provides a baseline score. It also allows our tutors to customize the test prep program to meet the needs of your child based on their strengths and needs.

3. Allows for Progress Monitoring: Our program begins with the initial proctored test and continues with more practice tests throughout our program. These practice tests allow for progress monitoring and determine the pace of the program for your child based on his or her areas of needs and strengths.

The Team Tutor Advantage:

Our test prep tutors will:

  • Practice tests are available for both the ACT and SAT
  • Our practice tests are FREE
  • You will receive a detailed diagnostic report after the test that outlines your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • We customize a curriculum for your child based on his or her testing results.

Give your child an advantage with one of our FREE practice proctored tests. Practice Proctored Tests are by appointment only.
Contact our office TODAY by calling 215-657-1981 to speak with one of our Test Prep Specialists!


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