Are You Planning for A Summer of Learning?

May 02,2018 | Posted in Summer Slide Prevention by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

There’s less than two months left of school for most of the area schools. As the hustle and bustle of the school year ends and the start of summer camps and vacation begin, make sure to take the time to prepare for a summer filled with learning and adventure. It is important for parents to incorporate learning into the summer plans. Here are a few tips to be sure you are doing just that!

1. Summer Book List: Reading over the summer will not only open the doors to adventure and wonder for your child, it will also keep the summer learning loss at bay. Studies indicate that kids who read a minimum of 10 books on grade level during the summer will prevent summer learning loss.

2. Enlist a Tutor: Have you considered hiring a tutor for the summer? There are many reasons why a tutor should be included into your child’s summer plans. Does your child want to learn a new language? Does your child have an interest in science? Does your child need help with reading or math skills? A tutor can give your child a summer of enrichment and discovery.

3. Create a Summer Bucket List: A bucket list is a great way to set goals and activities for the summer. Ask your child, “what would you like to do this summer?” Brainstorm some ideas that will encourage your child to “think outside the box,”create a list that will promote adventure, excitement and joy. Make summer learning fun by creating a summer bucket list together.

4. Encourage Creative Writing: Creative writing is an excellent way to promote reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. It also fosters creativity and imagination. How awesome would it be for your child to be challenged and engaged all summer long!

There are many other ways to incorporate learning into your summer plans. How will you include learning into your child’s summer plans?

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4 Responses to Are You Planning for A Summer of Learning?

  1. Owassa McDaniel :

    Hello, i have a child who would benefit greatly from a summer enrichment program like this. Now my son will be in camp mon thru fri 9 to 5pm….and the camp wont authorize team tutor to render services at the camp program.

    So how do i best implement a plan, so thst team tutor can intervene…..

  2. Sasha Trussell :

    I know it’s August and I.just now came upon your site.
    I.would live to have a reading list for a 5 year old girl who will be entering kindergarten.
    Any additional information would be helpful.
    Thank you

    • Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman :

      Thank you for visiting our site! We have book lists per grade level in our About Us section. Go to About Us then Resources then Books and find the grade level that is appropriate for your child. Happy Reading!!

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