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Nov 10,2011 | Posted in Study Tips by t4d

Teaching Math to Preschoolers
Want to foster your child’s understanding of basic mathematical concepts? Try turning everyday tasks into fun learning lessons!

Grocery Shopping
Let your child help you take items off the shelf and place them in your cart. While doing so, she will learn about weight, shape and size. Point out labels and prices and explain the differences.

As you and your child clean-up her toys, talk about the different colors, shapes, weights and sizes of each item as you put them away. Talk about the number of items you are putting away, for example, “Let’s put these two books in the bookshelf”.

Cooking and baking allows your child to weigh and measure various ingredients. Together you can count the number of spoonfuls, cupfuls, and tablespoons required for the recipe. She can also experience first-hand what happens when you mix different ingredients together.

Wash & Dry
Have your little one help with the laundry. She can measure out and pour the detergent. She can also help sort items by color, texture, type of clothing, etc.

By simply incorporating these fun strategies, you and your little one will be exploring the foundations of math!

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