Homework Time or Family Stress Time?

Sep 23,2015 | Posted in Homework by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

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The kids have been in school for more than a few weeks and homework is now a regular after school activity. How is your family handling homework time? Have your many organizational efforts fallen apart? Are you stressed out already? If you have answered YES to the last 2 questions then this blog is for you!

Here are some EASY ways to reclaim a stress-free homework time.

1. Establish Homework Time and Use A Timer:

Set a designated homework schedule each day. Keep your families daily after school activities in mind when creating this homework time schedule. Implement the use of a timer during homework time. Set the timer to allow for breaks and to establish the end time of homework time. This will keep your child more focused if they know a certain time frame has been set. 

2. Have Study Skills Resources Available:

As students get older the implementation of study and organizational skills become more and more important. Make sure to have study and organizational skills tips readily available for your children. It is important to implement and practice these strategies over and over. 

3. Change Scenery:  

Many times students get frustrated with homework because of the monotonous act of doing homework day after day in the same location. Change it up for them! Give them several options for their homework location. This will help increase motivation and focus! 

4. Incorporate Technology: 

A great way to mixup the normal homework routine and give your child an incentive is by incorporating the usage of technology. If your child is NOT already using their iPad or computer for homework, then allow them to use these items while doing homework. The change may help them stay motivated during homework time.  

I hope these tips will help make homework time more productive and less stressful. Do you have unique ways to make homework time less stressful?

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