Homework and Stress… NO More!

Mar 12,2018 | Posted in Homework by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

How can you make homework a successful and stress-free time for your family? Homework is given to students so they can practice the skills that they were taught in school. The intention is NOT to stress out the students and their parents. So why is it that homework time can be such a great source of stress in so many homes?

There could be many factors for this and we have several solutions to make homework a success. Implementing these strategies and tips will help reduce the homework stress and increase the student’s success with homework.

4 Homework Strategies to Reduce Stress

Create Homework Rules:

Establishing some “homework rules” may prevent much of the stress that is associated with homework. You will want to work together with your child when making these rules. Make your rules and homework expectations simple and clear. Some rules may include: read the directions thoroughly; try to solve the problem independently 3 times before asking for help; and check your work. These “homework rules” will promote independence and give your child a sense of ownership of his or her work.

Stick to a Schedule:

Establish a homework routine. Students are most successful when they have a set routine in their daily lives and this is no different when it comes to homework time.


Some kids need a break after school, while others do best getting their homework completed immediately after school. It is important to know what works best for your child. Once you have the right schedule for your child, stick to the schedule. Consistency is key!

Set Up a Homework Zone:

It’s all about location, location, location. Your child’s homework zone should be the most conducive environment for learning. A clutter-free, organized, quiet and well lit place is considered an ideal place for doing homework. It is important to involve your child in selecting the homework location in your home. Get our tips for creating a successful homework zone.

Stock up on Homework Supplies:

Having the necessary supplies in your designated homework zone will help reduce the stress during homework time.

school supplies

Use a portable box or plastic bin that will host all school supplies: pencils, crayons, markers, calculators and other school supplies your child may need. Make certain you restock the items from time to time. Being fully prepared for homework time will minimize any unnecessary distractions.

Implementing these four strategies will give your child the organized structure that they need to make homework time a success. With consistent effort, homework time will no longer be a frustrating time for your child, nor a stress-producing time for you, the parent.

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