Web Sites for Parents & Teachers
A variety of excellent sources here from kids to parents to teachers. Explore products, lessons, games, books and so much more!
This site has a vast amount of tools to help your child study, play games and use clip art. Also explore many adventures any where in the world.
You’ll find information about your child’s development from birth through early school years. This site also contains information on your child’s favorite PBS kid shows.
Good tool to use when you need help with math. This site offers math articles, games, and many more math resources. You can even ask Dr. Math math questions.
Word Lovers will find a variety of resources at their fingertips.
Creates all different types of puzzles (word searches, crosswords and math puzzles) using your word lists.
Everything you need to meet your reading needs. Printable books and reading aides available.
Interactive practice tests available. Math expert available to answer your math questions.
Information available for parents, teachers, professionals and adults regarding learning disablilities.
This is an excellent site to reinforce literacy skills for the primary grades. Great site for homeschoolers!
This site focus on preschool skills.
Here you will find fun activities that you can do at home to promote learning with your preschooler.
This site tailors to all kids in grades k-8 from math to reading. Teachers can also find helpful links here too.
This site is for your highschooler. Search for sample SAT questions to study tips to college directories.
This site has high school science resources for your student.
This is a great resource for all your homeschooling needs. PA HOMESCHOOLERS organizes political action, provides for communication among homeschoolers, and organizes state-wide activities including a homeschool excellence day in the Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda.


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