Does My Child Need A Tutor?

Nov 07,2018 | Posted in Academic Goals, Tutoring by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Student With Tutor

Have you every wondered, “does my child need a tutor?” There are many benefits to hiring a tutor. But when is the right time to hire a tutor?

If you can relate to some of the issues below, then it may be time to enlist the help of a tutor.

Poor Study Habits:

Does your child lack good study habits? A tutor can help improve your child’s study skills. A good tutor will assess your child’s learning style and take the time to understand his or her needs. A study skills tutor can:

  • Teach a variety of strategies that will help support study time.
  • Help develop a successful homework routine.
  • Prepare your child for tests and help reduce anxiety.

Decrease In Grades:

A very clear sign that your child may need the support of a tutor is their grades. If your child’s grades have decreased, it may be a good time to enlist the help of a tutor. A good tutor will assess your child’s weaknesses and strengths within that academic subject. Communication with the classroom teacher is an effective approach that a good tutor will facilitate.

Lack of Motivation or Interest:

Does your child seem uninterested in school? A tutor will be able to help motivate your child. Tutors can creative positive reward systems to encourage your child. Tutors can also identify any underlying weakness that your child may have that may have led to this lack of motivation.

Start With a Free Academic Consultation

Knowing when to partner with a tutor is vital to your child’s academic success. Tutors support students in a variety of academic areas. They support, encourage and empower students. A good tutor can make a positive impact in the life of a student.

Not sure if a tutor is right for your child? The best way to find out is to start with a free academic consultation.

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