3 Reading Resources We LOVE

Feb 14,2018 | Posted in Learning Resources, Reading by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

In celebration of Valentine’s Day,  we wanted to share some reading resources that we love!


These sites can help support your child’s existing reading program. We have many more reading sites that we love; however, these 3 are fun, interactive and a hit with our students!



Does your child need extra support with spelling? Here is a site to check out! This site helps develop early literacy skills by focusing on letter recognition and letter sounds. Kids can build their encoding skills by creating their own spelling lists with targeted phonetic patterns.



Can your child benefit from extra support in vocabulary and spelling? If so, this may be the site that can elevate your child’s vocabulary and spelling skills. Knoword fosters vocabulary and spelling through an engaging and challenging game. This matching game (word and definition) begins by giving you one letter and a definition to a word. The goal is to figure out the word that matches the definition given. It is a timed game with no word selection list. Students must recall these words from their background knowledge.


My Vocabulary

Does your child need some supplemental resources to build his vocabulary skills? This site is designed for 2nd grade through high school. Build your child’s vocabulary skills through themed puzzles, games, and extensive word lists. This site is also a great way to enhance your high schooler’s existing SAT and ACT prep program through their puzzles and advanced word activities.

Daily reading practice is needed for improved reading skills. Implementing a variety of resources such as interactive websites is a great way to promote literacy and enhance strong reading skills. Which reading sites have helped improve your child’s reading skills?

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