Learning Spanish Together

Learning Spanish Together

Learning Spanish Together is Fun!

Introduce your child to the Spanish-speaking world and allow them to explore the Spanish language through interactive games, art, music, literature, and much more.

Our philosophy is to teach Learning Spanish Together through an immersion program, incorporating all concepts via a thematic approach. We limit enrollment to 10 students per class to ensure each child receives the attention they deserve.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Children may derive several benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and advanced problem-solving skills. Early exposure to a foreign language has been linked to higher IQ scores, improved English and math scores, and improved SAT scores.

Exposing your child at an early age is crucial! Experts advise teaching children a second language during the critical “window of opportunity” (birth -12 years of age), as language learning happens almost effortlessly within that time frame.


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