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4 Ways to Get Your Teen Reading Again!

Feb 25,2019 | Posted in Parent Blogs, Parent Stories, Reading by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

As a mom, educator and president of a tutoring company, I never would have thought that getting my children to read would be a struggle. In our home, my husband and I always played games that promoted literacy, we read … Read More

20 Phrases Every Parent Should Say To Their Children

Academic Success
Mar 27,2017 | Posted in Advocate for Your Child, Daily Inspiration, Parent Blogs, Parent Stories by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

A few weeks ago I spoke with a parent about her child’s academic progress and she was greatly concerned about her daughters’ confidence and self-esteem. Since the beginning of 5th grade, she has noticed a decline in her daughter’s confidence … Read More

3 Creative Ways To Memorize A Speech

Team Tutor
May 15,2014 | Posted in Homework, Learning Activities, Parent Stories, Reading, Teaching by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Just recently I worked with my daughter to memorize a presentation for her class. She was very reluctant about the project so it was important to make the entire process engaging and fun. We worked diligently at creating a dynamic … Read More

Brian Kraft’s tale of cancer, chemo and coping with a cold head

Team Tutor
Sep 08,2013 | Posted in Parent Blogs, Parent Stories, Reading, Science, Teaching by Denise Readinger
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Our family is dealing with a medical crisis right now. My husband recently started chemotherapeutic treatments to help fight testicular cancer. The percentages for a cure are high (90%) and it helps to remember this fact throughout our day-to-day lives. … Read More

What You Say Can Impact a Child!

Team Tutor
Dec 13,2012 | Posted in Focus, Parent Blogs, Parent Stories, Teaching by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

This is a blog from one of our parents. We thought it was powerful and wanted to share with our readers….. Tell us what you think? What would you do? I have this amazingly beautiful bright  little girl! She is … Read More


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