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Losing Focus For School & Homework? Try These 6 Tips!

Good Grades
Jan 22,2019 | Posted in Academic Goals, Daily Inspiration, Focus, Learning Resources by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Do you find it difficult to stay focused in school? Are you losing interest in school? Is it hard to complete your homework assignments or study for a test? There are many ways to recharge your motivation and focus toward … Read More

3 Simple End-of-Year Tips For School Success

Female student taking notes from a book at library.
Dec 10,2017 | Posted in Back To School, Focus, Homework, Note Taking Techniques by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman
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December is a great time to set new goals and prepare for new beginnings in the upcoming year. It is also a great time for a fresh start. This fresh start can apply to adults and students as well.  It’s … Read More

Did You Set Your Academic Goals for 2017?

Jan 02,2017 | Posted in Academic Goals, Focus, Organization, Study Skills, Study Tips by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Happy New Year! Have you set your New Year’s academic resolutions? If not, we are here to help you set your academic goals!  January is a great time to reassess and reestablish your school goals. Setting goals is the key to success. … Read More

Homework Tips For A Successful School Year

Frustrated Student
Aug 31,2015 | Posted in Back To School, Focus, Homework, Learning Activities by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Homework can be such a source of tension for both students and parents. Lack of motivation and constant complaining can be just a few struggles that students experience during the school year. We put together some simple tips to help … Read More

Developing Effective Writing Skills via Dictation

Team Tutor
Jan 02,2015 | Posted in ADHD, Creative Writing, Dyslexia, Focus, Homework, Learning Activities, Learning Resources, Learning Styles, Technology, Tutoring, Unique Approches to Learning, Writing by Denise Readinger

When a child has difficulty writing, and you know it goes beyond writer’s block, there are a few strategies that might help.  The mere mention of a writing assignment could create anxiety and cause frustration for some students.  As parents and/or … Read More

I Survived Series by Lauren Tarshis

Team Tutor
Nov 04,2013 | Posted in ADHD, Focus, Homework, Learning Resources, On-Line Educational Resources, Reading, Teaching by Denise Readinger
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Lauren Tarshis is a children’s book author who wrote a series of books that attracts the interest of young readers. Each book in the series has plenty of action and excitement to keep the pages turning. The books in Tarshis’ … Read More

Zombie-Based Learning

Team Tutor
Jul 30,2013 | Posted in ADHD, Focus, Learning Resources, Math, Reading, Science, Teaching, Unique Approches to Learning by Denise Readinger
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Trying to motivate some tweens and teens can be comparable to walking uphill, in snow, with no shoes on. Unless there are zombies involved. In 2012, David Hunter pitched a Kickstarter Campaign to help him fund his Zombie Based Learning … Read More

How do I Keep My Child Motivated to Do Homework?

Team Tutor
Mar 19,2013 | Posted in Focus, Homework by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman
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Spring is almost here, the days are getting longer and your child has “checked out of school ”, how do you keep them motivated and focused during homework time ? There are still 3 full months of school remaining so … Read More

What You Say Can Impact a Child!

Team Tutor
Dec 13,2012 | Posted in Focus, Parent Blogs, Parent Stories, Teaching by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

This is a blog from one of our parents. We thought it was powerful and wanted to share with our readers….. Tell us what you think? What would you do? I have this amazingly beautiful bright  little girl! She is … Read More

Focusing troubles this time of year?

Team Tutor
May 19,2011 | Posted in Focus by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman
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This time of year it’s especially difficult to keep kids focused in the classroom. By mid May most students have checked out and many teachers are holding their own personal countdowns to summer. Homework time is just so hard for … Read More


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