4 Elementary School Children

Your Back To School Success Plan!

Aug 13, 2018 | Posted in Back To School, Organization by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Back to school time is upon us! What comes to mind when you think of “back to school?” I think of new teachers, new classmates, new expectations and new adventures. Every school year brings excitement, a little anxiety and hope … Read More

happy student

Parents Can Reduce Back To School Stress with Our 7 Tips!

Aug 08, 2018 | Posted in Back To School by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Heading back to school is often stressful for students and parents alike. But it doesn’t have to be stressful!  Staying organized and planning ahead is the key to a successful school year. Here are 7 organizational and planning tips that … Read More

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Stress Less: 4 Back to School Shopping Tips

Aug 05, 2018 | Posted in Back To School by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

It is that time of year again. The ads for back to school shopping are running and the sales are going strong. Does this time of year stress you out? Well for many parents, back to school shopping can be … Read More

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Get Your Kids Reading This Summer with This!

Jun 15, 2018 | Posted in Reading, Summer Tutoring by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

I love to read! Reading is truly something I look forward to. I always loved reading as a child, and even more so as an adult. However, not everyone has an affinity for reading. In fact, it is often difficult … Read More

summer bucket list

Our Family Summer Bucket List 2018

Jun 03, 2018 | Posted in Summer Tutoring by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

It’s summer, and one of my favorite things we do in our family is to create a summer bucket list. Before summer is in full swing we set time to create our summer wish list, where we share  the things … Read More

summer reading

Summer Learning Made Easy

May 13, 2018 | Posted in Creative Writing, Learning Activities, Math, Reading, summer camp, Summer Slide Prevention, Summer Tutoring, Tutoring by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away! As the school year winds down and the summer planning begins be sure to incorporate summer learning into your schedule. A summer without an academic component can lead to a significant learning … Read More

Are You Planning for A Summer of Learning?

May 02, 2018 | Posted in Summer Slide Prevention by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

There’s less than two months left of school for most of the area schools. As the hustle and bustle of the school year ends and the start of summer camps and vacation begin, make sure to take the time to prepare … Read More

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Does My Child Need A Summer Tutor?

Apr 18, 2018 | Posted in summer camp, Summer Slide Prevention, Summer Tutoring, Tutoring by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Spring is in full swing and now is the optimal time to begin the summer planning for your child.  As you plan your vacations and summer camps, do not forget to include tutoring in your summer plans. Implementing a tutor … Read More

Girl Reading on the Grass

5 Reasons Why Reading With Your Children Is So Important

Apr 08, 2018 | Posted in Parent Blogs, Reading by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Reading with your children is very important because it increases overall oral reading fluency, builds vocabulary development and improves overall comprehension skills. Children who are read to are more likely to be successful in school. Did you know there are other … Read More

Do You Understand The Different Types of Tutoring?

Mar 20, 2018 | Posted in Homework, Note Taking Techniques, Organization, Study Skills, Study Tips, Test Prep, Testing, Tutoring by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

Is your child struggling in school? Is your child unmotivated to do homework? Are your child’s grades slipping? Does your child have a difficult time planning and getting started on tasks or projects? If you have answered YES to any … Read More


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