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Aug 16,2014 | Posted in Reading, Technology by Miguel Azcona

If your child had to choose between reading a book or playing a video game what would they choose? Nowadays more and more children choose to put down books to play video games. It is our job as parents to help promote literacy and make it engaging for our children. Luckily, there are many apps designed to promote literacy and make learning fun all at the same time. Here are some recommended apps that are geared for kids ages 3 through 9 years.

Reading Raven:
Reading Raven is an educational app that uses an easy interface for parents and children to use. The app is programmed to help improve the reading skills of children ages 3-5, and does so through voice-over instructions and mini-games.

ABC Spy:
ABC Spy is an app designed for children in grades 3-5. This app is great for children interaction because it allows the child to take photos of anything that relates to that specific letter in the alphabet. Children can also choose the photo’s frame and gets to name it. With all the photos, the child can put it into a movie and share it with the rest of the family.

Crack The Books:
Crack The Books Interactive Science Books combine literacy growth with child interaction through science books. Crack The Books covers a variety of topics, including earth habitats, geography, weather, physics, human body, US government, explorers, US history, US states and the solar system. The reading levels are adjustable from 2nd-6th grade curriculums. The app includes images and videos for readers and also maps. There are also built in tests/quizzes in order to track the child’s growth.

Super Why! – PBS Kids:
This app is designed for children 3-6 years old and allows them to read along with the actual PBS Kids show, which is both entertaining and educational. There are 4 different games for the children to play. The app also allows children to do everything from tracing letters to choosing the best word to finish a sentence.

Bob’s Books #1- Reading Magic:
This app is designed for children ages 2-5. Simply enough, this app is equipped with learning-to-read storybooks, in which the children have to spell out the words themselves along the way. It is simple but very effective in promoting literacy.

This app targets children 3-6 years old. It engages the children with animated talking zoo animals, which makes the games that much more enjoyable. The children are rewarded with coveted stars for their performance which serves as motivation to do better. The animated interactivity within the app helps the children associate words and reading with objects and action. The app also has programmed questions in order to make the children think logically about answers.
Do you have suggested apps that promote literacy and keep kids engaged? Share them with us.

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