Promote Creative Writing With These 6 Prompts

Feb 03,2018 | Posted in Creative Writing, Writing by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman

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Are you looking for ways to foster your child’s creative writing skills? Creative writing promotes critical thinking skills, gives a student the opportunity to expand their imagination and creativity, and helps improve grammar skills.

Here are some writing prompts that will have your child’s imagination piqued and intrigued!

  • Lobster, Escargot and Filet Mignon: Imagine that you were given the opportunity to choose any meal for dinner. What would it be? What would this meal include? Write down a very detailed description of each ingredient for this very special dinner. Make sure to include dessert too!
  • She Went Rock Climbing: Take the time to think about something very interesting that has happened in the past year. Write your story about this experience. Write in the third person, making sure to use the pronouns “she or “he” and make yourself the main character. Try to be as descriptive as possible.
  • Oh Where Oh Where Will I Travel?: Imagine you are a dollar bill. Describe what happens to you during the course of the day. Where did you begin and where did you end up? Write in the first person, making sure to use the pronoun, “I.” Be creative and include some people and places you have encountered along the way.
  • What a Huge Loss!: Imagine you have just experienced a huge loss: you lost your most treasured possession. Write the first paragraph about what the item is and why it was so special. Write a second paragraph about how this item was lost. Write the third paragraph detailing about how you felt when you realized the item was missing.
  • Diary of a Traveler: Imagine you are a world traveler and you have recently traveled to an exotic jungle, tropical island, or to the Arctic. Write about your dramatic or adventurous traveling experience.
  • Dear Principal or Dean of Students: Writing letters used to be the most common form of written communication before texting and emails. Write a letter to the principal or head of your school. Begin your letter with an introduction of yourself then share your ideas or perhaps something that is concerning you. End the letter with giving thanks for taking the time for reading the letter.

Fostering creative writing skills is a great way to enhance a child’s creativity and imagination. Providing a variety of writing prompts will make the creative writing experience more enjoyable for kids. Do you have a writing prompt that you would like to share with us?

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